Deacon Blog

September 2018

Sep 13

Demonstrating Grace

In the Gospel, Jesus gives us a blueprint as to how to demonstrate grace.  Grace has many facets to its definition, but it starts out as this: “Grace is the supernatural gift that God bestows entirely of his own benevolence upon men and women for their eternal salvation.”   Let me highlight three manifestations of grace,...
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Sep 9

Listening to God

Jesus says to the deaf man “Be opened.” The man’s ears were opened, his speech impediment was removed, and he spoke plainly.” We’re called through grace to hear and understand God speaking to us, and he empowers us to testify to that message by our words and actions.   One of the basic tenants of scripture...
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Sep 6

Trust His Heart

Our readings tell us that our own personal wisdom or might can’t match the wisdom or might of God. Whatever is holding us back from completely relying on and following God, be it the crisis within the Church or any other disappointment we face, we need to just trust him, and he will deliver.     There’s some lyrics to a...
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